ToothFairy2 Dataset

This page describes the dataset associated with the ToothFairy 2 challenge, a challenged organized by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with the collaboration of Radboud University. The challenge is hosted by grand-challenge and is part of MICCAI2024. For challenge details, please visit the dedicated website. The dataset used to run the challenge and here described is an extension and improvement of previously released datasets, Maxillo and ToothFairy.


The table below resumes the core information about the (training) dataset released for MICCAI2024 ToothFairy2 challenge. For a complete technical description please refer to the structured challenge submission proposal.

Although with additional annotations, volumes of "Set A" (marked with a leading P in the file name) overlaps with those of the ToothFairy dataset. "Set B" (marked with a leading F in the file name) contains volumes with a broader field of view, containing the complete upper teeth segmentations. Data from "Set B" were not previously released with the ToothFairy and Maxillo datasets.

Field Value
Set A 417
Set B 63
File Format mha
Values Scale Hounsfield
Dataset Classes 42 (the complete list is available in the dataset.json file)
Max Volume Shape (266, 512, 512)
Min Volume Shape (170, 272, 345)
Median Volume Shape (169, 356, 375)
mandibular pic

mandibular pic

Dataset Structure

The ToothFairy2 dataset follows the nnU-Net dataset format. Datasets consist of three components: raw images, corresponding segmentation maps and a dataset.json file specifying some metadata. The class IDs are an extension of the FDI World Dental Federation notation and include: Background, Jaws, Inferior Alveolar Canals, Maxillary Sinus, Pharynx, Bridges, Crowns, Implants, and Upper and Lower Teeth (Wisdom Teeth included), for a total of 42 classes.


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mandibular pic